Värmland is a great place for outdoor activities. From racing cars on the racetrack in Karlskoga to fishing the waters of lake Vänern. Many people come to Värmland to enjoy the nature. Hiking, camping and cooking - all in the beatiful and comforting forests.

















You may find pike, perch, roach, eel, burbot and zander and bream.

You need a fishing licence to fish in Sweden, this can be obtained for a small sum of money at the local tourist information, each lake requires a separate licence, speak to tourist information for more information.  We will, however, supply a fishing licence for two in Fryken for free.


White Water Canoeing

Riding the rapids
Hagfors (approx 40 min drive from Kil)

The river "Trysilälven" has its source in Lake Femunden in Norway. The drop in height to the Värmland border, where the Trysilälven becomes the Klarälven, is 360 metres. Impressive stretches of rapids alternate with sections of calmer water. The backdrop is the mighty Trysilfjället, seemingly endless forest and small villages. You will be equipped with canadian canoe incl. cover for two persons in each. You will have to paddle on your own.

For information call:
Expo Hagfors Touristinformation
+46 (0)563-156 50

Sunne Waterpark

(approx 30 mins drive from Kil)

The waterpark offers:

  • 10 exciting water attractions and one large
    pool for children
  • Lifeguards at all attractions
  • Lounge chairs
  • Always 25° C in the water
  • A fantastic location by the Fryken lake


Tube racer consists of four tracks. You ride on rings. The length of the track is 65 meters. A real experience!




The Bubble is like a big pudding located in the middle of a round pool. It is extremely slippery. The only way up is by using a rope. 


The Mammoth is an attraction for the whole family. One rides the waterfalls in a rubber raft. Most of the ride takes place in complete darkness. Length 170 meters!!

Lie on your back and ride the rapids. You can choose between two tracks.

Two tracks for those who like speed and challenges. This ride really goes fast! This is not for the sensitive; it’s not called Free Fall for nothing!!


Arvika Canoe & Touristcentre


A high ropes course consists of multiple segments which are hanging between the trees. You will be able to go on different kind of “climbs” between the trees, e.g. on a rope bridge, a beam, a ropeway or an “Indiana Jones bridge”…














The course includes:

Low course: suited for kids, 10 segments.
Medium course: at an altitude of between 8 to 10 meters, 12 segments.
High course: at an altitude of between 15 and 18 meters, 3 segments, a 65 m long ropeway and exclusively in Sweden: a skateboard ropeway. (Being built 2007-2008)














The part of the forest has been surveyed by an eligible arborist company and only healthy and appropriate trees have been used for their course.

Pony Trekking

There are also opportunities for horseriding and pony trekking in the area.  We often go to Skogsbergs Islandshastar, phone number: 0565-51023  I would personally recommend this company.  The owner Anki is very good, she will instill confidence in the most timid of riders and she will match you up with the right pony for you.  My daughters had never been before and at the end of the 2 hour trekk they were both cantering!  What a great experience!  Not only a pleasure for the summer - try it also in the winter.




There are plenty of golf courses in Varmland and most of them within 20 min drive:

  • Kil
  • Sunne
  • Fageras
  • Deje
  • Grums
  • And many many more..




Things to see and experience. Come and visit Selma Lagerlöfs Mårbacka, or Rannsäter Hembygdsgård with museums and discoverycentre. Be sure not to miss our natures own sights, such as Brattforsheden or Tossebergsklätten.


Midnight Sun & Northern Lights

Midnight Sun
Even if you won't get 24 hour sunshine at the cottage, you will experience very light evenings, especially at the end of June when the sun only goes down for a couple of hours!

The Midnight Sun is visible 24 hours a day in the north of Sweden as follows:


June 17 – July 9
June 17 – July 9
June 4 – July 12
June 8 – July 3
May 31 – July 11


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