What can you catch?

 In Fryken there are about 20 different kinds of fish and listed below are some of them.

PerchSwedish entry word

abborre [²'ab:år:e] abborren abborrar noun

English translation




pikeSwedish entry word

gädda [²j'ed:a] gäddan gäddor noun

fisken Esox lucius

English translation






zanderpike-perchSwedish entry word

gös [jö:s] gösen gösar noun

insjöfisken Lucioperca lucioperca

English translation





oringSwedish entry word

öring [²'ö:ring] öringen öringar noun

laxfisken Salmo trutta

English translation

salmon trout


Burbot1Swedish entry word


English translation





whitefish3Swedish entry word

sik [si:k] siken sikar noun

laxfisken Coregonus lavaretus; vitfisk

English translation

lavaret; whitefish



 Swedish entry word



English translation

vendace, pollan



 Swedish entry word


English translation





roachSwedish entry word

mört [mör_t:] mörten mörtar noun

insjöfisken Leuciscus rutilus

English translation





Swedish entry word

ål [å:l] ålen ålar noun

en fisk som ser ut som en orm (särskilt Anguilla anguilla)

English translation




lojaSwedish entry word


English translation




regnbageSwedish entry word


English translation

Rainbow Trout




When is the Best Time?


The Pike-Perch is best during June, July and August with a trolling.  Pike is best during April, May and June and the Burbot is best in February.


We can arrange for a local fishing guide to show you the best areas.



jattegaddaThis huge Pike was caught with a wobbler which was being dragged behind the boat in the lake Fryken.  It took the Swede roughly an hour to conquer the fish after a real fight.  It was 1270 mm long and weighed in at a whopping 19 kg!


The lake Fryken has on several occasions produced really big pikes and this catch only proves the potential of this lake further. 























logofestivalThe Pike Festival which is being held at the end of September each year (23-24th this year) on the other side of the lake is the biggest trolling competition in Sweden and attracts around 200s of boats! 1st prize is a Linder Aluminium boat and other prizes which totals £15,000.


It is not yet too late to sign up, have a look at http://www.kils-sportfiskeklubb.se/.  This site is unfortunately only in Swedish but if you are interested we can always help you with translations.
















1. Hold the fish in a steady grip and put in the knife in to the chest infront of the two red finns.




2. Cut down towards the its bottom so that the chest opens up.




3. Cut behind the fin by the head and down towards the neck all the way to the Perchís spine.





4. Angle the knife and cut along the spine.




5. Cut towards the tail.



6. Finish off the cut just before the tailfin but donít cut through the skin.






7. Lift the fillet outwards, place the knife parallel to the fish and cut away the chest bone.




8. Hold the tail steady and cut off the skin from the flesh.




9. Turn the fish and do the same on this side.





10. Cut away the skin from the other fillet.  



11. Feel around for the needle bones and cut along these.




12. Cut out the needle bones with a V shaped cut.





13. Do the same with the other fillet, you will now have two bone and skin free Perch fillets.








Barbequed Perch filled with Anchovies and served with Summer Carrots

4 Portions


4 perches
Anchovies, fillets in chunks
1 bunch dill
50ml oil
salt and white pepper

Summer Carrots
200 g carrots
200 g spinach
1 onion
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
150 ml whipping cream
salt and white pepper
1 tbsp butter or margarine


Do it This Way:

Cooking Time 20 minutes

Take off the head, clean out the gut and de-scale the fish. Rinse and dry the Perch, then cut little cuts all over the perch, about 12 of them.  Fill them with chunks of anchovies and dill.  Brush with oil and season.  Place them on the BBQ at a high temperature so it gets a nice surface, put to the side of the BBQ and let it cook for a further 10 mins at a lower temperature.

Slice the onion and fry in the butter/margarine.  Add cream, mustard, carrots and spinach. Let it simmer for a few minutes and season.  Donít let it boil.


Serve the Perch with the carrots on the side.





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