Sauna and house seen from the lake


The sun reflects and dazzles from the glittering ice crystals and you inhale the crisp, fresh winter air. A man unzips the top of his jacket and turns his face to the sun.

There is something for everyone in Värmland in the winter. Miles and miles of well-prepared ski trails. A variety of pistes, jumps and tricky bits ready to catch you out.

Why not go on a snowmobile safari. Whether youíre simply looking to relax or dying to get the adrenaline going, you can find your niche here. You will often encounter the tracks of wild animals and even the animals themselves.

Many of us believe that Värmland is at its most beautiful in the winter. Alien sculptures in ice and snow have been created along the lakes and rivers. You feel you are becoming one with natureóeven more so if you go skating on long-distance skates across the many frozen lakes.

It is easy to get to the foothills and the skiing centres and itís also a beautiful drive.

Using the roads for rallying is not recommended!

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Ski Sunne (30 mins drive)

Winter sports, Hostels, Alpine skiing

Ski Sunne is a complete skiing resort in the middle of Värmland. Lovely skiing for all levels, professionals or starters. They offer well prepaired slopes. There are nine slopes of varied levels of difficulty; four of which are lit up. 


Hovfjället (1 hours drive)

Cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing
Vitsand, Torsby kommun

Sweden's southermost mountain-nature

At Hovfjället ski center you can enjoy all of the unique experiences of the Swedish mountain district. The Hovfjället mountain is a nature reserve with a protected nature-type similar to the high-mountain areas of northern Sweden. And you don´t have to travel farther than to the province of Värmland.

In a stunningly beautiful nature setting, you find snow-safe alpine pists, varying cross country tracks and plenty of exciting activities for the whole family.

At Hovfjället you will find the time and possibilities to really enjoy a relaxing ski-holiday. Everything is easy here, close by and marked by a warm, personal athmosphere, providing the ideal means for an enjoyable holiday, for children as well as adults.

It´s no wonder they get so many returning guests, year after year.

Have a run in their gorgeous pists or enjoy a cross-country tour through virgin nature. Enjoy the food and warmth by the fire-place in the restaurant. Or maybe try one of their activities, like the Finnish smoke-sauna or a traditional sleigh-ride.

Lillens Scooter Safari, 2-days tour (1 hours drive)

Sysslebäck, Torsby kommun

Do you want to experience how small a human really is in the big wilderness? Then you should join this adventure. You will go for a snow-scooter tour for two whole days and stay over night in the forest. Food and necessities will be brought along. It will be much laughter during the tour. If you are a happy group of 6-20 persons that would like to do something different together this is your thing.



Dog Team Tour (1 hours drive)

Winter sports, Dog team
Sunnemo, Hagfors kommun

Short dog team tour (45 min) on the lake by Björkilsätern in Sunnemo incl. tea, glögg or coffee.

Take a ride with this dogteam. Only profesionals are able to control such a wild pack in a right and safe way. So let them run with the Huskies and you sit in the sled and enjoy yourself. The tour takes about 20-30 min per person. This is a great Huskyadventure in the cold and icey winterworld of Värmland. You will be offered tea or glögg (hot spicy wine) and sandwiches or a barbecue.


Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, mostly called Aurora Borealis, are the fluttering and bright lights that can be observed in the sky over the northernmost parts of the world. The best viewing areas in Sweden are above the Arctic Circle during September and March.  These are spectacular sites but if you want to experience it first hand you will need to travel quite far north.  You may be lucky as far south as the cottage but it is more likely to occur above the Arctic Circle which is a good 6 - 7 hours drive at least from the cottage.
As the phenomenon is caused by energy from the sun carried towards Earth on the solar winds you are not guaranteed that it will appear.



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